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Cleaning University Facilities

OSU will bring additional fresh air into the buildings for one hour before scheduled occupancy. Additionally, Facilities Management will continue to use enhanced MERV 13  campus.

OSU Facilities Management’s cleaning contractor, ABM Services, follows the guidance and funding from the OSU administration to prove both routine and special cleaning and disinfecting of the OSU facilities. ABM uses EPA-approved disinfectants in their cleaning processes, frequently cleaning common touch-point areas including: door knobs/handles, push plates/bars, elevator buttons, stair rails, and switch plates. Touch-point cleaning is done daily in campus buildings and multiple times daily within areas of increased-use or higher risk, such as health service and residential life areas. ABM maintains the equipment and materials on campus necessary to satisfy the expected campus cleaning requirements. ABM also stocks and replenishes hand sanitizer stations across the campus.


ABM maintains an appropriate quantity of EPA-approved disinfectants and approved cleaners to satisfy the expected campus demands for the foreseeable future. ABM locally stores adequate alcohol-based hand sanitizer and replacement wall-mount dispensers to refill the currently installed hand sanitizers.


FM’s Operations and Maintenance group is completing regular preventive maintenance on air handlers for central building air conditioning systems to ensure they are operating properly bringing in outside air, replacing air filters and cleaning the coils.  Where feasible, FM installed upgraded air filters within buildings to filter out even finer particles from the circulated air.


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