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Cleaning University Facilities

OSU Facilities Management’s cleaning contractor, ABM Services, continues to follow the guidance of OSU, local, and state health officials to continue with aggressive cleaning and disinfecting of our OSU facilities. ABM personnel wear protective equipment to protect their staff and others nearby while working. In addition to the continual regular cleaning, ABM also uses EPA-approved disinfectants frequently on common touch points including door handles, push plates, push bars, elevator buttons, stair rails, light switches, etc. Touch-point cleaning is done daily in campus buildings and multiple times daily within areas of increased-use or higher risk. 


ABM maintains an appropriate quantity of EPA-approved disinfectants and approved cleaners to satisfy the expected campus demands for the foreseeable future. ABM locally stores adequate alcohol-based hand sanitizer and replacement wall-mount dispensers to refill the currently installed hand sanitizers.


Facilities Management (FM) uses electrostatic and hydrogen peroxide vapor disinfection equipment for applying disinfectant coverage to targeted areas. FM is working with several third-party professionals for preventive disinfection of large heavily used areas. When a suspected or confirmed-positive COVID-19 exposure occurs on our Stillwater campus, the first response should be to close off the area for forty-eight to seventy-two (48-72) hours if possible.  After the prescribed quiet time has elapsed, ABM can then enter the area to perform cleaning and apply disinfectants. However, if an emergency response is required, FM has several third-party professionals ready and available to treat or remediate campus locations. Each vendor uses approved methods which are appropriate for the type of exposure and type of environment, whether office, classroom, restroom, student housing, etc.


FM’s Operations and Maintenance group is completing regular preventive maintenance on air handlers for central building air conditioning systems to ensure they are operating properly bringing in outside air, replacing air filters and cleaning the coils.   Where feasible, FM installed upgraded air filters within buildings to filter out even finer particles from the circulated air.

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