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OSU Pandemic Response Team

As we look ahead at a careful, phased reopening of our campus, we must all do our part to protect the health and wellbeing of our fellow Cowboys. The “Cowboys Coming Back – Campus Reopening Plan” is a testament to collaboration, incorporating input from across our campus and led by our Pandemic Response Committee. 


The reopening plan recommendations will evolve based on data from public health officials, including those from our Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa who have been on the frontlines managing this situation. University leaders and the Pandemic Response Committee receive updates daily to address new challenges and create new protocols and guidelines to ensure our plan is as complete as possible. We know the importance of clear and consistent communications during this time and will provide regular updates.


Team Members

  • Public Health: Chris Barlow - Senior Director, University Health Services 
  • University Health Services: Pam Stokes, Associate Director, University Health Services
  • Human Resources: Christa Louthan, Assistant Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Human Resources: Rachel Shreffler, Assistant Director, OSU Human Resources/Benefits
  • Facilities Management: Ron Tarbutton, Chief Facilities Officer
  • Student Affairs: Dr. Doug Hallenbeck, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Housing and Residential Life: Dr. Leon McClinton, Director, Housing and Residential Life
  • Enrollment Management: Missy Wikle, Assistant Vice President, Transition Retention
  • Student Union: Tracie Brown, Director of OSU Student Union
  • Research: Dr. Dawn Underwood, Assistant Vice President, Research Compliance
  • Brand Management: Monica Roberts, Director of Media Relations
  • Environmental Health & Safety: Kim Southworth, Director, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Legal: Brandee Hancock, Associate General Counsel, and Clint Pratt, Assistant General Counsel 
  • Public Safety: Mike Robinson, Chief Public Safety Officer
  • Emergency Operations: Dan Ray, Captain, OSU Police/Emergency Operations Center


Public Health Advisory Task Force:

  • Dr. Johnny Stephens, COO, OSU Center for Health Sciences
  • Dan Ray (EOC)
  • Kim Southworth (EHS)
  • Dr. Val Gene Iven, Director Sports Medicine, OSU Athletics
  • Pamela Stokes (UHS)
  • Dr. Wes Andrews - Chief of Staff at Health Services
  • Dr. Kenneth Sewell, VP for Research
  • Dr. Carlos Risco – Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Christie Hawkins Associate VP A&F/Director IRIM
  • Kelli Rader - Director, Payne County Health Department
  • Dr. Miriam McGaugh - Clinical Ast Prof, Spears School of Business
  • Dr. Jared Taylor - Associate Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine



  • Dr. Jeanette Mendez, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor, Political Science
  • Dr. Wade Brorsen, Regents Professor and Endowed Chair, Agricultural Economics
  • Dr. Bridget Miller, Associate Professor and Endowed Chair, Community Health Sciences, Counseling and Counseling Psychology
  • Dr. Mindy McCann, Professor and Department Head, Statistics, and Past Chair, OSU Faculty Council
  • Jaden Kasitz, Student Government Association
  • Luke Muller, Student Government Association
  • Masoud Moghaddam, Graduate Student Association
  • Samuel Pushparaj, Graduate Student Association
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