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Oklahoma State University

Building Up at OSU

At Oklahoma State University, we are investing in our students, our faculty and our state. With the opening of several important facilities, including the Spears School of Business, the Endeavor Lab, the Humans Sciences North Wing, and the upcoming McKnight Center — our students can take advantage of cutting-edge technology to innovate and create while earning their degrees.

Spears School of Business

The $72 million building houses 161 classes involving 3,443 students this semester. The new structure features 13 classrooms, four labs, 150 offices, 12 team rooms and 11 conference rooms. It also features enhanced technology throughout, as well as designs and furnishings aimed at the student experience, through input from students.

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Endeavor Lab

The new ENDEAVOR lab boasts more than $5 million in state-of-the-art equipment and instruments available to undergraduate students, including 23 interdisciplinary engineering science and project labs. No equipment is off-limits, and all OSU students are welcome.

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Human Sciences - North Wing

An 82,000 square foot expansion of the Human Sciences building includes 27,000 square feet of laboratory space for experiential learning in hospitality, augmented and virtual reality environments, and sewn product development. Jorns Hall, a multi-purpose 300 seat room, and the spacious Gaylord Gallery provides much needed space for seminars and student project displays.

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The McKnight Center for the Performing Arts

This center, opening planned for Fall 2019, will encourage exploration, push educational boundaries and redefine Oklahoma State University’s influence in the arts with world-class events and performances that will be truly unique to the region. The center for performing arts will be a modern venue for OSU’s most talented students, accomplished faculty, and members of the community to enjoy with facilities built for producing world-class talent, while attracting captivating performances from across the globe.

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