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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force

Campus DEI Statement

OSU’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Nancy Randolph Davis statue

At Oklahoma State University, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) matter. Providing a wide range of ways to understand and engage with the world, identifying opportunities and creating solutions are core to our mission as a land-grant university. We fulfill our mission and enrich our campus community by maintaining a welcoming and inclusive environment that appreciates, values and fosters a sense of belonging for all.

The definitions of these three key words are important as our campus embraces DEI. Diversity means a variety of different and unique identities, characteristics, experiences and perspectives. Equity is defined as making available to everyone what they need to succeed by increasing access, resources and opportunities for all — especially for those who are underrepresented and have been historically disadvantaged. Inclusion is what we do. Inclusion creates a welcoming culture where differences are celebrated and everyone is valued, respected and able to reach their full potential.


We also humbly recognize there are events in the university’s 130-year history that at times have not upheld these values; however, we are continually working toward a future that instills pride for all in our community.


Incidents of social injustice — both historical and recent — unfortunately exist within our society but are not welcome on the OSU campus. While the First Amendment allows considerable latitude with respect to free speech, we denounce acts, behavior, language or symbols representing or reflecting intolerance or discrimination towards any person affiliated with our University. OSU pledges to support and reinforce diversity, equity and inclusion efforts as they are significant to our campus culture and mission, and improve the quality of life for all.


Learn more about OSU’s latest efforts to advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Latest updates (Nov. 15 2021)

• We are crafting our system-wide strategic plan to align with the goals of the DEI strategic plan

An annual diversity summit is in the works

Senior inclusion officers are leading diversity efforts in our many units and colleges

The OSU Police Department has established a community outreach program

The College of Education and Human Sciences is piloting an inclusive teaching program with web resources launching later this semester

2022 MLK Celebration events have been announced, which include nationally acclaimed keynote speaker Soledad O’Brien on Jan. 20

• We will focus on developing more opportunities for engagement and fostering conversations that promote meaningful change


Past updates

OSU Bolsters its Strong Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Campus Climate Survey Results

MLK Day 2021 Events Announced

Buildings Renamed for Civil Rights Pioneer

Murray Hall Renaming

Nancy Randolph Davis Sculpture Dedication

100 Points of Truth and Transformation



Oklahoma State University proudly holds diversity, community, excellence, service, integrity, intellectual freedom and the stewardship of resources as our core institutional values, and we are committed to improving the means by which our institution upholds those values as an institution of higher learning and a land grant university.


The objective of the OSU Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force is to develop and publish a new comprehensive university-wide DEI plan detailing timed, measurable goals and specific initiatives that will be implemented across campus in coming years. The ultimate goal is to help foster an environment where OSU students, faculty, staff all have equal opportunities to find success as was outlined by the OK State Stand United organization in their List of Urgencies published in the summer of 2020.



Campus Climate Survey

In spring and fall of 2020, a campus climate survey was sent to both OSU students and employees to help inform our efforts. We appreciate all of those in our campus community who participated to provide this valuable feedback. Learn about the survey results here. In addition, ideas, questions and additional feedback can be sent to



Task Force Members

Faculty and Staff

  • Leon McClinton, Co-Chair (Director, Housing and Residential Life)
  • Jeanette Mendez, Co-Chair (Vice Provost)
  • Lorinda Schrammel (Director, Talent Development in Human Resources) co-chair committee #1 
  • Lex Smith Washington (Associate Professor of Management, Inclusion Officer for Spears School of Business), co-chair committee #1 
  • Adrienne Redmon-Sanogo (Associate Dean for Education and Human Sciences), co-chair committee #2 
  • Clyde Wilson (Assistant Vice President for Institutional Diversity, Director of TRIO Programs), co-chair committee #2 
  • Tashia Cheves (Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction), co-chair committee #3 
  • Josh Taylor (Assistant Director for Center for Ethical Leadership), co-chair committee #3 
  • Cynda Clary (Associate Dean, Ferguson College of Agriculture), co-chair committee #4 
  • Jawauna Harding, (Senior Coordinator for Career Services) co-chair committee #4 
  • Chad Blew (Director, Scholarships and Financial Aid)
  • Awilda Rodriguez Carrion (Associate Professor of Architecture)
  • Karen Chen (Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management) 
  • John Mark Day (Director, Leadership and Campus Life) 
  • Udaya DeSilva (Associate Professor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
  • Lisa Dobson, M.S. Ed (Student Accessibility Services)
  • Kasey Dunn (Athletics, Football Offensive Coordinator)
  • Christie Hawkins (Associate Vice President of Administration and Finance, Director of IRA)
  • Doug Hallenbeck (Vice President for Student Affairs)
  • Trisha Chaparala Iyonsi (International Employment and Tax Coordinator, School of Global Studies and Partnerships)
  • Leon Jones (OSU Police Chief)
  • Amber Manning-Ouellette (Assistant Professor in School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation)
  • Brenda Morales (Director LSAMP, Division of Institutional Diversity)
  • Elizabeth Payne (Director, Center for Sovereign Nations)
  • Emonica "Nekki" Reagan-Neeley (Assistant Vice President for Community Engagement and Student Services at OSU-Tulsa)



  • Destinee Adams  (Ok State Stand United organizer)
  • Miko Brandon (Center for Sovereign Nations)
  • Derrick Brown (rep. of Black Graduate Student Association)
  • Madison Camper (Vice President of Afro-AM)
  • LaTayla Dean (Afro-Am President)
  • Brenden Determann II  (OSU NAACP, Ok State Stand United organizer)  
  • Payton Dougherty  (SGA Supreme Court Chief Justice, Ok State Stand United organizer) 
  • Sarah Michelle Hayes (Student Veterans Association President)
  • Jaden Kasitz (Student Government Association President)
  • Allison Meredith (Asian American Student Association President)
  • Jessica Meza (Hispanic Student Association President)
  • Samuel Pushparaj (Graduate and Professional Student Government Association President)
  • Gregory Samuel  (past AASBA President, Ok State Stand United organizer) 
  • Kazi Sharif (International Student Organization President)
  • Anjali Sweetman  (Oklahoma State Queers & Allies President)
  • Sean Tolbert (SSB Ambassadors, Ok State Stand United organizer)



  • Blaire Atkinson (President OSU Foundation)
  • Justin Biassou, Seattle (SSB)
  • Jocelyn Flores, Houston (SSB)
  • Sonja Hughes, Oklahoma City (CAS)
  • Omar Ibarra, Chapel Hill, NC (EHS)
  • Steven Johnson, Managing Partner, Fairmont Advisors, LLC
  • Rob McInturf (President, OSU Alumni Association)
  • Ann Oglesby, Bartlesville, VP, Energy Research & Innovation, Phillips 66 Company (SSB)
  • Amairani Perez (OSU-Tulsa)


Working Committees

Four areas of concentration have been identified for enhanced impact on Oklahoma State University’s continued efforts to achieve inclusive excellence. Task force members will provide guidance/feedback on the work of all four committees.  The committees are currently outlined as follows: 


Committee 1:  Faculty and Staff

  • Responsibilities 
    • Improve hiring practices to ensure diverse and equitable hiring to better serve students from marginalized groups
    • Explore opportunities to work with the City of Stillwater to provide more services and resources for faculty and staff from marginalized groups.
    • Provide faculty tools to infuse diversity and inclusion principles throughout the curriculum
    • Other topics as selected by committee
  • Committee Members
    • Lorinda Schrammel, Director, Talent Development in Human Resources, co-chair 
    • Lex Smith Washington, Associate Professor of Management, Inclusion Officer for Spears School of Business, co-chair 
    • Justin Biassou (alumni)
    • Courtney Brown, Ag Leadership & Education Doctoral Student
    • Geroge Brusche
    • John Mark Day, Director, Leadership and Campus Life
    • Payton Dougherty, SGA Supreme Court Chief Justice, Ok State Stand United organizer
    • Steven Johnson, Alumni; Managing Partner, Fairmont Advisors, LLC
    • Joey Keel, OSU-HR
    • Kim Loeffert, Assistant Professor Greenwood School of Music, Faculty Fellow for Diversity and Equity, College of Arts and Sciences
    • Chris Ormsbee, Associate Provost and Director, ITLE
    • Samuel Pushparaj, Graduate and Professional Student Government Association President
    • Denise Weaver, Office of Academic Affairs
    • Brandy Wells, Assistant Professor of History


Committee 2:  Student Recruitment and Retention

  • Responsibilities 
    • Recruitment and retention of marginalized populations
    • Improve graduation rates of marginalized students
    • Ensure easily accessible reports regarding student academic success by race/ethnicity
    • Other topics as selected by committee
  • Committee Members
    • Adrienne Redmon-Sanogo, Associate Dean for Education and Human Sciences, co-chair
    • Clyde Wilson Associate Vice President for Institutional Diversity, Director of TRIO Programs, co-chair 
    • Chad Blew, Director, Scholarships and Financial Aid
    • Madison Camper, Vice President for Afro-Am
    • Karen Chen, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management
    • LaTayla Dean, Afro-am President 
    • Brenden Determann II, OSU NAACP, Ok State Stand United organizer
    • Christie Hawkins, Associate Vice President of Administration and Finance, Director of IRA
    • Ebonie Hill, Coordinator Academic Support Center, Honors College 
    • Omar Ibarra, Alumni, MPH Candidate at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    • Jonathan Johnson, Coordinator, Transition and Retention Communications, Brand Management 
    • Allison Meredith, Asian American Student Association President
    • Rob McInturf, President, OSU Alumni Association
    • Brenda Morales, Director LSAMP, Division of Institutional Diversity
    • Jacinta Mutambuki, Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Committee 3:  Campus Climate


  • Responsibilities 
    • Provide bias training for all students, faculty, and staff
    • Establish a multicultural center
    • Develop a system for administering campus climate surveys
    • Increase institutional support for students from underrepresented populations
    • Provide mechanisms for students, faculty, and staff from marginalized groups to provide active and consistent feedback and input
    • Other topics as selected by committee
  • Committee Members
    • Tashia Cheves, Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction  
    • Josh Taylor, Director, Hargis Leadership Institute
    • Irissa Baxter, Coordinator of Women’s and LGBTQ Affairs, Division of Institutional Diversity
    • Ryan Chung, Director, University Assessment and Testing
    • Abbey Davis, Director, Eastin Center, Spears School of Business
    • Melissa Echols, Student Activities Officer, Leadership and Campus Life
    • Kathryn Gage, Executive Director, Student Affairs 
    • Doug Hallenbeck, Vice President for Student Affairs
    • Kelva Hunger, Assistant Director, University Assessment and Testing
    • Jackson Landrum, Director, Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator
    • Andrew McGee, Manager, Hargis Leadership Institute
    • Jessica Meza, Hispanic Student Association President
    • Tami Moore, Associate Professor in School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation
    • Johnny Robinson, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
    • Sky Rogers, Assistant Director, Center for Sovereign Nations
    • Megan Ruby (GPGSA)
    • Gregory Samuel, past AASBA President, Ok State Stand United organizer
    • Yokolanda Speight, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology
    • Erica Townsend-Bell, Director, Africana Studies and Associate Professor of Political Science
    • Jose Uscanga-Aguirre, Director of International Programs, Ferguson College of Agriculture
    • Landon Wolf, OSU Football
    • Derrick Brown, rep. of Black Graduate Student Association


Committee 4:  Support for Marginalized Students


  • Responsibilities 
    • Seek external scholarship support for marginalized students
    • Increase mental health resources for marginalized students
    • Provide professional development and preparation for students in marginalized populations
    • Increase postgraduate programs and professional workshops for students from marginalized populations
    • Increase internship opportunities for marginalized students
    • Other topics as selected by committed
  • Committee Members
    • Cynda Clary, Associate Dean, Ferguson College of Agriculture, co-chair 
    • Jawauna Harding, Senior Coordinator for Career Services, co-chair 
    • Bianca Boyd, Career Counseling and Assessment Coordinator, Career Services
    • Brandie Chandler, Clinical Counselor, Counseling Services
    • Jayme Ferrell, Senior Director of Principal Gifts, OSU Foundation
    • Jocelyn Flores (alumni)
    • Sonja Hughes (alumni)
    • Leon Jones, OSU Police Chief
    • Jaden Kasitz, Student Government Association President
    • Rob Lofton, Associate Director, Scholarships and Financial Aid
    • Amber  Manning-Ouellette, Assistant Professor in School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation
    • Aleigha Mariott, Director and Title IX Coordinator, Student Support and Conduct  
    • Sean Tolbert, SSB Ambassadors, Ok State Stand United organizer
    • Jean Van Delinder Senior Associate Dean, Graduate College
    • Trisha Chaparala Iyonsi, International Employment and Tax Coordinator, School of Global Studies and Partnerships
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