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Meet Scruff

 Learn Scruff's story and how he entered the Hargis family. 


One of the greatest blessings of my life has 4 legs and fur.


In the summer of 2013, three OSU students rescued a scared little guy.  He had been abused – stoned, shot, and kicked.   These students took him to the OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital to be treated. He needed surgery. With no funds to cover his medical costs, they turned to social media to fund his medical bills.  Not only did they meet their goal, but they exceeded it and they were able to save Scruff's shattered leg.


Once Scruff had surgery, he needed a home.  The President and I were not sure our schedules would allow us to properly take care of an animal, but after fostering this little guy for a few days, we knew we had to make it work.  Scruff has captured our hearts and we cannot imagine life without him.


The next time you are on campus, look for us and stop to say hi.  Scruff would love to meet you.

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